Pelvic Floor Muscles

The muscles of the pelvic floor have several distinct roles; to support the pelvic organs, assist in stopping and starting the flow of urine or passage of gas or stool and to provide sexual appreciation. Weakness in the pelvic muscles may have an effect on any of these areas and their functions.

In this picture of the pelvic muscles you are able to see the depth of the muscles we are talking about. When you go through pelvic rehab we will assess what is going on with these muscles. Determining if you are able to contract them effectively and if they are providing the support and control that you need. When working with these muscles to control continency we will focus on the middle one third of the "funnel". Using the tools of biofeedback and pressure manometry we are able to guide and monitor your progress.

The term "core support" has gotten very popular recently. Pelvic rehab really gets to the core!" Using biofeedback the pelvic muscles as well as the lower abdominal muscles are monitored. This is a great start to building a core strengthening program.