Pelvic Rehab in Monterey

My practice in Monterey is now closed. Please see below for information on other therapists in the area that are addressing pelvic pain and dysfucntion.  If you are looking for biofeedback, Kristina Montellese will have the biofeedback at her clinic.  We will be treating patients at her location.

A message from Julie,

I am one of a growing community of physical therapists specializing in the treatment of pelvic muscle dysfunction. As physical therapists we are trained and gain expertise in addressing neuromuscular dysfunction throughout the body. In pelvic rehab we have taken this body of knowledge and applied it to the unique structures of the pelvic floor and neighboring areas.

What I love about this approach to addressing dysfunction is that it really does address the "dysfunction". We are addressing the role that the muscles and nerves play and how to bring the involved structures closer to "normal". The body has an amazing ability to heal itself when we create the right environment. This is not a passive treatment. The patient is involved in the healing process every step of the way. The treatment is a continuum of peeling off the layers of dysfunction and replacing that dysfunction with function. Whether it is lengthening muscle, strengthening muscle, freeing nerve flow, improving respiration, balancing posture or restoring movement. We will do our part and then you will do yours, on a daily basis. Addressing the dysfunction in this manner will gain you permanent changes in your body and the tools to manage symptoms as they arise.

If you are reading this web page you have most likely been on a quest to improve your situation. This willingness to search out an answer for yourself makes you the perfect candidate for this treatment.

The goal of this web site is to provide you with information to confirm that this is what you are looking for and /or the resources to continue your search. The internet age has been a blessing to people with unique situations looking to connect with professionals and resources.

Changes for 2019

Closure of my practice in Monterey

The closure is to allow me to step back and restructure the practice.  We will be reopening in the same location, as well as others, with the addition of a multifaceted approach to Women’s Health.   This new concept will allow us to treat patients with a more integrative approach; including physical therapy, acupuncture, naturopathic, osteopathic and chiropractic.  We are hoping that this will allow more timely treatment, more tools for the patient and better management of their symptoms.

My focus is to bring more local practitioners into the area of pelvic rehab.   I will be working with Kristina Montellese, DC to bring biofeedback into her treatment.  CHOMP has expanded their Pelvic Rehab program with a new PT, Laura Banks, who has experience in pelvic rehab and will be able to start taking new patients the end of 2018.  Jil Johnson continues to treat pelvic pain and dysfunction with a focus on Pilates based exercise.  Vanessa Diamond, DPT in Capitola incorporates manual work to address pelvic pain and dysfunction.  Please see my "resources" page for contact information for these and other practitioners that may be helpful in journey.